davits anchors yachting supplies Hampshire
davits anchors yachting supplies Hampshire

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With our knowledge & contacts in the world-wide superyacht market your requirements can be met.
Superyacht Doc Yachting Supplies can save you time and worry - contact us today.

davits and yachting supplies Hampshire

Superyacht Doc Yachting Supplies Portsmouth Hampshire

Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire UK, The Superyacht Doc offers a unique completely independent friendly service to the Superyacht Industry. The company offers many features that are designed primarily to assist Clients, Captains, Yacht builders and repairers in providing solutions that ensure projects are carried out to their optimum efficiency, reducing both time and cost.

Whether your needs are large or small or simply just looking to solve particular problem, our innovative products such as the Atlas Portable Carbon Crane Davit, Custom Galvanised and Stainless Steel Manson Supreme Anchors can complement any kind of Motor or Sailing yacht.

We are sure that we at Superyacht Doc Yachting Supplies, Hampshire UK can solve your problems - just phone or visit us to enquire.

If you cannot meet the Superyacht Doc Yachting Supplies at our base in Hampshire UK, why not visit us at our stand at one of the boat shows (see list below) that we will be attending or, alternatively, we would be pleased to meet you at your convenience.

Superyacht Sourcing - Including Galley Equipment

Superyacht Doc are pleased to offer a supply and sourcing service for all marine equipment, spare parts and consumables for Superyachts. Whether your requirement is large or small, please contact us for a proposal. We offer a cost effective and efficient procurement procedure for all your yacht supplies and equipment (specialising in UK and European equipment).

davits and yachting supplies Hampshire

With our knowledge & contacts in the world-wide superyacht market your requirements can be met.
Superyacht Doc Yachting Supplies can save you time and worry - contact us today.

davits and yachting supplies Hampshire

davits and yachting supplies Hampshire

Atlas Carbon Davits

The simplest, quickest, most elegant solution.

Atlas carbon davit crane has been designed to make light work of a variety of lifting tasks up to 500kg / 1100lbs whilst maintaining an exceptionally low overall weight. They can lift heavy objects such as jet ski, hardbottom rib, tenders, jet ribs, rescue boats, stores, motor bikes and liferafts.

The elegantly styled lines of the Atlas davit will complement the aesthetics of any yacht, power or sail, whilst its weight won't compromise performance. With multi socket locations and the ability to rotate through 360 degrees, they are CE Approved and built to BS9001.

Atlas carbon davits crane have been installed on superyachts, dock side, water fronts, sailing yachts and motor boats. They are also used in a variety of military and commercial applications.

Atlas Carbon Davits Portsmouth Hampshire

davits and yachting supplies Hampshire

Manson Supreme Anchors

Manson prides itself on manufacturing anchors to the very highest standards possible. All raw materials are of the highest available quality as using cheaper alternatives could cost lives. Manson anchors will not 'pit' or stain as there are no miniscule cavities for corrosion to begin - as in cast stainless anchors.

The Mason Supreme Anchor is one of the fastest setting fixed shank anchors available in the world. It has supreme Lloyd's Register approval as a super high holding power anchor and it is the first and only production boat anchor in the world to do so.

Shank built from high tensile steel for extreme strength under load, the Mason Supreme Anchor is 25% stronger than other anchors. With fluke reinforced double skinned laminated toe and a sharpened spear head for greater penetration into the seabed (cutting though tough seaweed), the Manson Supreme Dual Shank enables the user to anchor in all seabed types. Also has a roll bar for self righting and winglets for perfect setting.

With assembly techniques exceeding all certification companies, all Manson anchors are given a lifetime warranty against breakage under normal use.

manson supreme anchors Portsmouth Hampshire

Cooney Simpson Davits

Mirror polished stainless steel swivelling and removable davits and handy outboard engine hoists from Simpson.

Cooney Marine took over Simpson Davits and have improved on their traditional davit with the Series 10 Davit. This Simpson Davit has seven sides - an improved look which retains the immense strength.

We also supply Cooney Superyacht stainless steel fittings. Standard range of quality marine fittings manufactured from solid stainless steel plate including bollards, fairleads, cleats, oval cleats and tube and stanchion bases.

Download the Cooney Simpson Cleats and Fairleads Brochure

Cooney Simpson Davits Hampshire

Atlas Carbon Retractable Passerelle Gangway

The Atlas Carbon Retractable Passerelle Gangway is the light with an innovative design.

Atlas Carbon Retractable Passerelle Gangway Portsmouth Hampshire Atlas Carbon Retractable Passerelle Gangway

Yacht Supplies Sourced Worldwide
Extensive Superyacht Knowledge & Contacts
Customised Yacht Fittings
Atlas Davits and Manson Anchors Specialists

  • Worldwide spares sourcing and supply
  • Shore base equipment logistics management
  • Urgent spares dispatch
  • Custom fittings manufactured to your order
  • Agents for specialist equipment

  • Cooney Superyacht stainless steel fittings
  • Simpson Stainless Steel Davits
  • Atlas Baby Davit & Swivel Davits
  • Specialists in Atlas davits and Manson anchors
  • Come and meet us at the boat shows!

davits and yachting supplies Hampshire

Contact Superyacht Doc in Hampshire

Please get in touch - whether you have queries about our yachting supplies, would like us to source specialist yachting equipment for you or you would like to place an order. Visit our contact page for further details.

davits and yachting supplies Hampshiredavits and yachting supplies Hampshire
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