davits anchors yachting supplies Hampshire
davits anchors yachting supplies Hampshire

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Atlas Baby Davit SWL 125kg SWL upgradable to 250kgs SWL

Function of The Atlas Baby Davit

Multifunctional for use on Superyachts, leisure and commercial craft both motor and sail, wherever a load needs lifting, but the davit is totally portable.

With the capability to lift and manoeuvre loads up to 125kg, items such as Superyacht toys, Seabobs, engines, generators, service equipment and life rafts can be picked up with ease.

Atlas Baby Davit Portsmouth Hampshire Atlas Baby Davit

Benefits of The Atlas Baby Davit

Capacity to lift weights up to 125kg and remains totally portable because of its light weight – only 11kgs!!

A sheave box with a 3:1 ratio allows easy lifting by hand and even is easier with the optional manual self-tailing winch.

Total portability - when stowed away it leaves a flush deck.

Rotates through 360 degrees.

Multi deck sockets allow a single Atlas Baby Davit to be positioned on the fore deck, aft deck or upper deck, giving it a dual function of lifting any stores, dinghies, man overboard etc.

The unit can be mounted onto a bulwark or through deck, sealed with a watertight cap.

Construction pre-preg carbon fibre.

CE Approved.

Simplicity itself!

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Atlas Baby Davit Portsmouth Hampshire
Atlas Baby Davit

Atlas Baby Davit Portsmouth Hampshire
Atlas Baby Davit Socket

Atlas Carbon Davits - Simpson and Cooney Marine Davits Specialist
Manson Anchors - Stainless Steel Yacht Fittings

  • Worldwide spares sourcing and supply
  • Shore base equipment logistics management
  • Urgent spares dispatch
  • Custom fittings manufactured to your order
  • Agents for specialist equipment

  • Cooney Superyacht stainless steel fittings
  • Simpson Stainless Steel Davits
  • Atlas Baby Davit & Swivel Davits
  • Specialists in Atlas davits and Manson anchors
  • Come and meet us at the boat shows!

davits and yachting supplies Hampshire
Atlas Baby Davit

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davits and yachting supplies Hampshiredavits and yachting supplies Hampshire
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Superyacht Doc in Hampshire provides marine supplies including Cooney Simpson Davits, Atlas Davits, Carbon Davits, Swivelling Davits, Removable Davits, Outboard Motor hoists, Handylift Outboard Hoists,Superyacht Anchors, Manson Supreme Anchors, Manson Anchors, Kedge Anchors and Electric Davits.

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