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davits anchors yachting supplies Hampshire

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Manson Supreme Anchor

The Manson Supreme is available in stainless steel and galvanised. After 18 months of extensive research and development, Manson is proud to announce the next generation in anchor technology, The Manson Supreme.

The design brief given was to create the highest holding, fastest setting, fixed shank anchor in the world. A surprise bonus design feature was that the anchor was developed with a dual operation shank to enable use in rock and coral seabed types.

The anchor has been reviewed by Lloyds Register of Shipping and is first and only production boat anchor in the world to receive a SHHP status.

A New Age in Anchoring Technology

There has been a revolution in anchoring technology. This started in 1999 with the release of the Spade at the Paris Boat Show where it won the prize for 'Best in Show'. From there the new idealogy has moved throughout the world. The Spade worked on the premise that shaping the anchor in a concave design, utilising as much surface area as possible, would provide a much higher holding power of an anchor. The concept proved a winning one and derivations on the theme have subsequently formed. This is not to be confused with Rocna anchors.

The theme has been further extended by the concept of maximising the working area even more. This is achieved by substituting the lead in the tip of the anchor by a roll bar of only a couple of pounds / kilograms in weight. Utilising high strength, high tensile steels in the construction has meant a reduction in steel thickness and yet another increase in working area.

The concave nature of the anchor is a relatively new concept. Both styles, concave and convex flukes, have their merits and there has traditionally been hesitancy to use a concave shape. This was initially due to their inability to self right. The addition of the roll bar has completely removed this drawback and now this shape is an accepted anchor design. This is not to be confused with Rocna anchors

Advantages of the Manson Supreme Anchor

  • Environmentally sound, no lead in anchor
  • Maximising the working area of the anchor
  • Utilising high strength steels
  • Very high holding power can be achieved

Stainless steel Bow rollers are available for 35/45/60 lb anchors

Download Manson Supreme Anchor General Sizing Guide
Download Manson Supreme Anchor Specification
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Manson Supreme Anchor Portsmouth Hampshire
Manson Supreme Anchor

Manson Supreme Anchor Portsmouth Hampshire
Manson Supreme Bowroller

Manson Supreme Anchor Portsmouth Hampshire
Manson Supreme Anchor, Galvanised

Manson Supreme Anchor Videos

The first video below shows underwater footage of the Manson Supreme Anchor's instant setting nature. In a firm sand bottom the anchor digs in very quickly each set, even when facing backwards. Notice even with a very short scope and chain not on the seabed, the anchor still manages to set very quickly.

The second video shows the building of a Manson Supreme. Launched in 2003, this anchor was designed to be the highest holding, fastest setting fixed shank anchor in the world.

Manson Supreme Anchor Portsmouth Hampshire
Manson Supreme Anchor on Bow

Manson Supreme Anchor Portsmouth Hampshire
Manson Supreme Anchors, Galvanised

Manson Anchors - Reliable, Innovative & Safe!

Manson Anchors has been producing some of the most reliable, innovative, and safest anchors on the market for nearly 40 years. They are a team of New Zealand-based marine engineers and fabricators, who design and develop anchors to withstand the harshest boating conditions across the world. From superyachts to pleasure craft, Manson anchors are considered some of the best and safest in the world.

  • All raw materials are of the highest available quality as cheaper alternatives could cost lives.
  • All Manson anchors are made on site at the Manson Anchors factory in New Zealand.
  • Manson continually refine their processes to create optimal anchor manufacturing techniques.
  • Manson have in-house pressing equipment to enable more rapid production.
  • Testing is taken seriously and Manson testing facilities allow the testing (to approval societies) of up to 4,500kg (10,000lbs) sized anchors.
  • Manson assembly techniques exceed all certification companies and, subsequently, all Manson anchors are given a lifetime warranty against breakage under normal use.
  • Manson's Lloyd's Register (LR) Certification means their welders are LR ticketed, ensuring that your anchor is made by highly skilled craftsmen.

Atlas Carbon Davits - Simpson and Cooney Marine Davits Specialist
Manson Anchors - Stainless Steel Yacht Fittings

  • Worldwide spares sourcing and supply
  • Shore base equipment logistics management
  • Urgent spares dispatch
  • Custom fittings manufactured to your order
  • Agents for specialist equipment

  • Cooney Superyacht stainless steel fittings
  • Simpson Stainless Steel Davits
  • Atlas Baby Davit & Swivel Davits
  • Specialists in Atlas davits and Manson anchors
  • Come and meet us at the boat shows!

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